Custom action figures

Custom action figures

Send an email to sales herobuilders. After we receive your email we will send you a price an online order link. Our level 2 Custom Action Figures are a top-selling personalized action figure, we made it simple to just place your order on-line with the form below.

The quality of the face sculptures is the same as the Extreme Custom Action Figures. The Bodies are the same quality too. The cost is lower because we order the outfits that come with the Level 2 custom action figure in bulk and passed the savings on to you. You will be able to add a talking chip, earrings and a logos if needed.

Custom Figures

During Checkout you will be able to upload the images needed to make your custom action figures. You can also just email them to sales herobuilders. Our level 1 Custom Action Figures are top-selling personalized action figure, we made it simple to just place your order on-line with the form below. The cost is lower because we order the outfits that come with the Level 1 custom action figure in bulk and passed the savings on to you.

You will be able to add a talking chip, earrings and a logo T-shirt. What a great story about our Custom Action Figures capabilities from Custom Action Figures are The talking action figures come with a 20 second re-recordable sound chip.

You can record anything you want to the chip. What is your ideal delivery date? How many do you need? Please include the front face and side view image.

Do you need a logos on the outfits? If so include that image. Yes, we can make any outfit so just either detail that outfit or send us images, and we will send a quote. If you would like a custom action figure accessory, either send an image or a brief description is fine, and we will send a quote.

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Herobuilders artists can hand paint your tattoos, just list how many tattoos you will need, tattoos typically cost Also adding others custom items like accessories tattoos etc can extend that time.

You will get an estimated time of delivery with your quote. When our sculptor is happy with the progress they will email you images of the sculpture for your approval. When you are happy our results and approve the sculpture we harden the sculpture and ready it for the next steps.

Like this: Like Loading Aggregate Rating. USD Custom figure making is a hobby where people create their own action figures. The scales generally range from the smaller 3. The figures are generally made by combining parts of existing figures with newly sculpted and created parts. I tend to create my own designs that are re-imagined designs of characters or combinations of characters with new genres or themes. Also I would like to state for the record, that while many of these lines and combinations are quite prevalent in pop-culture today in cosplay, art, toys, comics, etc.

For example when I had the idea of Samurai Wars no one had done so much as a drawing of what a Samurai themed Star Wars would look like. I always wanted to be creating something new as if my creations were visual essays that were the continuations of the research papers I did in college.

I also do not have a desire to rip off another artists ideas or be derivative in some fashion. Many lines were never even started because I found something like it already existing. Legion of Doom characters in a Victorian somewhat Steampunk setting.

My first foray into a Victorian somewhat Steampunk setting using the Justice League as characters. My love of history led me to briefly exploring the idea of line based on famous historical military leaders. My first attempt at redesigning Star Wars archetypes. Unlike my later work that would isolate and emphasize individual themes this line blends them all together in to retro sci, medieval fantasy, futuristic, western, fairy tale. Is there any way to get my hands on that!?

Could I interview you some time for my website? I love all your creations. Probably my favourite is Doctor Wars just because of the silliniess. Especially Valek. How much would it cost to order an individual figure of every category and what types of bulk order discounts do you offer? Your email address will not be published. Notify me of new posts by email. This site is not endorsed by any of the companies owning the trademarks of characters seen here, or their affiliates and parent companies.

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Manufacturing Custom Action Figures

January 3, at am. Robert Kennedy says:. June 5, at am. June 27, at am. Daryle says:. November 16, at am.It all begins with your action figure design.

custom action figures

Custom Action Figures are created from your creativity and imagination. We start by creating 2D renderings from your action figure design, and submit those to you for review and approval unless you have already prototyped your custom action figures in preparation for production.

Once the sculpted prototype is complete, you will be able to hold, hug and show it off to family and friends. Each quoted separately. These can be created from your own designs or photos of real items. We can help there too. We can design the logo based on your action figure design, provide design and photography services for your packaging, AND provide you with an ecommerce website on which to sell your new custom action figures.

The process would not be complete without a way to manage production, warehousing and delivery of your new custom action figures. We provide turn-key services for all of this. You will be in the best position for your entrepreneurial spirit to succeed! We are your BEST source for complete, personal and turn-key services for action figure design, prototyping and production.

Over the years, we have created thousands of custom action figures, dolls prototypes, toy sculpts, sculpted paint masters, invented mechanisms and much, much more. We have created custom action figures, doll designs, breadboard mechanisms, patterns for master tooling, and electronic educational toy enclosures.

Our Sculpting Department has created many licensed action figures, figurines, dolls, mockups, Dinosaurs, celebrity likenesses, figurines and action figure designs of cartoon characters for the Walt Disney Company, Warner Bros. Our expertise in custom action figures and doll sculpting has encompassed products categories such as: Boys toys, Girls toys, Ride-on Toys, Robots and Robotic mechanisms, Playsets, Action Vehicles, Action figures, Disney sculpting masters, Disney and Warner Bros.

Project Name.

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Expected Start Date. Please tell us a little about your Project. Phase 1 - Action Figure Design. Get a Quote. In the prototyping process, we sculpt a likeness of your custom action figure based on the original design. Learn More. We also provide the same comprehensive set of services for designing and producing: Dolls Plush Toys Games Play-Sets or any other invention you can think of!

Moundverse Infants steve designerofchoice. Custom Action Figures Photo Gallery. How Do I Get Started? Carl and Dawn will personally review your idea and provide a consultation and quote. The quote will cover the cost and schedule for developing your custom action figure, doll or toy sculpture. To approve the quote for your sculpting project, you sign and return it to us along with the cost of the first phase and we will start your project Immediately.

Fill out the form and our team will be in touch with you promptly. Thank you for your interest!My 3DSelfie created an amazing figurine from only one and my favourite photo of my late nephew. Simply beautiful. A precious memory. I was very pleased with the result. While the technology is not as accurate as photos, the figurines are certainly recognizable.

The team accommodated my special requests relative height, posture without any difficulty. Many thanks! Its a gift for my husband of his passing grandfather, i know he would love it i was amazed how great it looked with just one picture.

Thank you very much. Thank you so much These folks do a great job. From three photographs they captured the colorization of our buddy perfectly. This was more of a hit than I could have imagined! My friend absolutely loves it as do I. The detail is amazing. This such a fun and unique kind of gift, I highly recommend it.

Thank you!

This Week in Customs - Episode 43 - Custom Action Figures

The result is not perfect, but that could be my fault. The photos one sends are important. Those I sent were not so good, and yet, the result was worthwhile. Legs a bit thick in the hinds, and a cock of the head might have made the result less static.

But send in your best photos, give the techs who make these, the best possible info. This deserves to be investigated, if you can afford it. Not cheap, but I am glad I looked into this. Thank you. We weren't sure if the figurine would look like our recently departed girl but when I opened the box, it resembled her which brought tears to my eyes.

They did a wonderful job and they were Super nice and Understanding when I found better pictures and wanted to change them out after I submitted my order. Thank you Very much for this gift.

The 2 heads I had made are awesome.If you have spent a fair amount of time interacting with other proprietors of the one sixth scale community, you are likely to have heard about something referred to as custom figures. At first glance, this might be a bit confusing as there is really a lot to custom action figures when it is in the context of one sixth scale.

Custom One Sixth Scale figures encompass a very large and diverse aspect of the hobby. There are both mass produced custom figures and accessories, as well as figures made by custom artists in much smaller edition sizes. Mass Produced Customs refers to figures, parts, accessories, etc that are made without an official license attached. There is nothing wrong with these types of figures and parts, and they certainly have their own place in the hobby. However, they are quite different from the other type of custom action figures.

The term custom figures refers to figures, outfits, parts, and more that are created and produced by smaller private artists. These include people who sculpt head-sculpts and accessories by hand or digitally and then have them casted, people who hand tailor costumes and outfits for scale figures, people who paint head-sculpts and accessories by hand, and everything in between.

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These artists work typically on smaller scale projects that are not mass produced. Just about everything to do with this figure was hand crafted.

Custom Action Figures & Action Figure Design

All of this is not to say that one of these is inherently better than the other, quite the opposite. The amount of figures available is a positive, as it allows people to get figures of characters niche or unlikely to be made by a mainstream company. Now you have companies like Art Figures who make figures that fulfill niches that have not been filled before, and you also have small groups of artists spending sweat, blood and tears to create small pieces of art.

Custom action figures are a fantastic byproduct of the growing popularity of the hobby, as now things that may not have been made otherwise have an avenue to get created.

custom action figures

Here at One Sixth Society we will be updating you with new custom figures, both information regarding mass produced projects as well as smaller projects. Additionally, we would love to add your custom figures to One Sixth Society for our guests to admire, whether you are a sculptor, painter, tailor, or some combination of the three. We respect our artists, and look forward to seeing your work. The sixth scale community is now bigger than ever. With that growth comes even more custom artists making themselves known.

They sculpt As a collector first I I want to stress that all of the parts I mention in this article were from other mass produced figures.

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None were recasted, they are all Just as a preface, we just wanted to highlight a few of the many There will always be figures that are not big-sellers, but that does not diminish their quality.

Throughout the years there have been As the one sixth community expands, the quality of the headsculpts being produced rapidly approaches uncanny valley. Recently, some At One Sixth Society we always want to showcase artists who pour their heart and souls into their work. There is no better example of that The centerpiece of any one sixth scale figure is of course the headsculpt. It captures the subject being represented, and it displays an One of the most notable aspects of the One Sixth Scale hobby is the ability for fans of more niche characters or icons to be able to have Every hero needs a sidekick!

Robocop is no exception. Mass Produced Customs Mass Produced Customs refers to figures, parts, accessories, etc that are made without an official license attached. Limited Edition Custom Figures The term custom figures refers to figures, outfits, parts, and more that are created and produced by smaller private artists. Read More.

Custom Action Figures

New Pre-Orders for Have you always wanted to make your own action figure? Our custom action figures are the best in the industry.

Do you want your personalized action figure to talk? We can do that. Herobuilders is the only company that can add a talking voice box to your custom action figures.

A personalized custom action figure of you that will Talk, Look and Dress just like you! We are the Original and First Company that makes custom action figures and personalized action figure in the world. Need something really special? We can make anything that can imagine, so get creative and have fun and most of all get that personalized custom action figure of yourself today!

We were able to produce the Custom Action Figures in exacting details. Herobuilders started the 3D Printed Toy Industry in ! Our Focus was on Custom Figurines at first but then grew to something bigger.

We were the first to use 3D printing in Mass Customization to the consumer market. HeroBuilders was the first custom figurine and custom toy maker in the USA and we continue as an innovator in the Industry. Our creative team has never stopped creating Political Action Figures has it is a fun product line. This years additions to our Political Action Figures are by far the most fun and diverse, click the link and check out our Political Action Figures.

Like this: Like Loading Aggregate Rating. USD Available in Stock. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.So you're interested in making an order of action figures? You've come to the right place! Happy Worker has been manufacturing action figures for 10 years.

Toymaking is all we do, and we won't let you down. On this page, first we'll answer the top 3 questions we receive about transforming beloved characters into great custom action figures. We hope you'll like what you see, and that you'll contact us for an estimate. We can produce 5, or more action figures per production run.

We have experience with large, complex toy distributions and can readily support orders in the hundreds of thousands to millions. If 5, is too many, some terrific alternatives are polystone figurines and designer vinyl figures. A note about personalized one-off figures. It takes about 26 to 32 weeks to design, prototype, manufacture and deliver an order of action figures.

Some figures that have complex designs or that mix different materials or production techniques can take a bit longer. Contact us to see what's possible for your project.

custom action figures

Because we design and produce figures from scratch, we work backwards from budgets and program goals to help recommend the right features for your order. Contact us to discuss your goals. Want to know how we make action figures? Before we created our first action figure, we spent two years learning the basics of how to design, manufacture and retail action figures.

This knowledge is distilled here for you. It should go without saying, but great action figures come from great character concepts and design choices.

So the first place to start is the original character. Together we'll decide what figure style and specifications will best bring the character to toy life. We love pushing boundaries in toy design.

Some of our clients have only rough character sketches, and we help create final artwork. Your proposals were the most fully researched, thoughtful and appealing Happy Worker is amazing. They are creative wizards, enthusiastic, extremely detailed Articulation points are poseable joints and limbs that move, rotate or disconnect.

The simplest action figures have 1 articulation point e. Some of our figures are highly poseable, with over 14 points of articulation. We hide the engineering and joints into the figure sculpture as much as possible.

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