Brother printer fuser problems

Brother printer fuser problems

Inman is witty. Inman understands your pain with printers. Image credit: Flickr. Unless your toner cartridge is broken or damaged, resetting your printer is all you need to fix this glitch. Cure: Use a hard reset. Hard resets are usually simple to follow.

Your printer works but produces blotchy, streaked or faded printouts. This problem is common. Then check your toner. The fuser is a part of laser printers that fuses the toner and paper together. The toner is useless without a functioning fuser.

Image credit: Dell. Just like other vital parts of the printer — the toner cartridge and the drum unit — the fuser would eventually need replacing. Albeit, regular printer problems, like paper jams, wears out the fuser faster. Image credit: HP. Here are all the fuser errors you may experience and what they mean. The Fuser error Your fuser may overheat due to the type of paper you use. If you use thick paper for a prolonged printing session overheating is likely to occur.

Your printer would have to heat its fuser to a higher temperature to bond the toner to the thick paper.Just had another one of these issues with an HLDW. The client didn't even complain about it, I noticed it when I happened to be onsite and they had me change a drum. A printer half-page test quickly showed the fuser was the culprit.

Unfortunately I knew more about the issue than the support person but I complied with their various mostly pointless requests and eventually a repair authorization was issued. The support personnel were very pleasant and they let me pick a particular repair depot. Also, if Lauren is still listening, chat is great compared to the phone.

So nice to not have to spell out email addresses and enumerate phone numbers. Not to mention you can attach documents for easy troubleshooting.

For all of you suffering from the fuser issues, stay strong and contact Brother to see if they can help. FYI - the printer has about 65K pages on it. Not sure when this started happening but it probably was around 60K. The fuser was designed to be burnt out after about 40K pages.

This is straight from an Amazon review:. We have switched to the Lexmark msdn, which you can buy with the word "dell" on it for a huge discount until the end of July. Brother has a faulty fuser. The Dell will do everything you need, quieter, faster, and for the same cost. That's about.

brother printer fuser problems

Way cheaper than brother. HOw can we get this replaced or repaired. These are basically about 8mths old and have a reading of only 43, copies.

Symptoms of a Bad Fuser

Please let me know. This is very frustrating after reading this is a known issue. You should call Brother directly. They have replaced mine at least five times over the past three years even though machine was out of warranty.

Brother HL-3170 Fuser Replacement

A few times the support personnel were not willing to acknowledge the problem, but in the end, after much discussion, they would see my point and sent free part and service call. I have a Brother Dw and all of a sudden it started papaer jams and fuzzy printing. The service person I called said to replace the drum. I called Brother and after 45 minutes they told me to take it in to a Brother service center. She did not say anything about the fuser being replaced for free. Will Brother replace the fuser for free?

My manufacturing date is 5 years ago, and the number of copies is in the 30K range.

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Recently the print quality has degraded terribly with ghosting and fuzziness. Not to mention my time. Regardless of the fact that this printer is out of warranty, this sort of failure is completely unacceptable given what I paid for it and I agree with others on this site that Brother should put this under recall. I just got off the phone with Brother and spent over 45 minutes on the phone with a Level 1 support rep and I patiently endured the most basic of scripted support questions.

I finally got to a supervisor and explained the situation and my position regarding the defective nature of the fuser. They are not interested in taking ownership of the issue and told me to go fix it at my own cost, despite the fact that I've been a loyal Brother customer and advocate since this 's.

I would like to thank those who documented the issue on this website. I'm crossing Brother off my list and will look at HP, Canon and others.

Had same issue with fuser at 14, copies after 36 months.Learn something new every day More Info A printer fuser is the part of any laser printer or copier that makes the toner ink stick to the paper. A fuser consists of two heated rollers, and it often is the main culprit in breakdowns.

Without it, though, toner ink would constantly smudge and would become illegible after hands touched it.

brother printer fuser problems

A laser printer fuser or copier fuser is essential to printing. The ink drum first spreads out the ink into a pattern of a photo, term paper or whatever is being printed. At this point, the ink is very volatile because it simply sits atop the paper and has not yet become one with the sheet. This wet ink immediately goes between both rollers. Thanks to the heat and the pressure from the fuser, the ink is integrated into the paper and will not smudge as easily. The rollers are why a sheet of paper is warm when it comes out of a printer or copier.

The reason printers often require a minute or two to heat up is because they use a quartz tube lamp within each roller to get to the proper temperature. This feature requires the largest amount of electricity in the entire process. The ink is wet and easily smudged when it meets the fuser, so the rollers are covered in Teflon to prevent the ink from sticking to the rollers instead of the paper.

The printer fuser's heat and many moving parts are why it often is responsible for breakdowns. An overheating fuser can be a serious threat to paper because it can scorch each sheet or even melt electrical components within the printer. Each fuser has a thermostat that shuts it down when it reaches a certain high temperature, and this allows the fuser to cool down. Dust and dirt also contribute to fuser breakdowns, but this problem can be fixed by simply cleaning off the rollers with a clean dry rag.

Knowing these things can help prevent frustration and expensive repairs. Without a printer fuser and its two rollers, a freshly printed sheet of paper would be a total mess. Its pressure and heat are the secret to the speed and accuracy of home laser printers and copy machines.

This heat and pressure does cause frequent problems, but these problems can be fixed easily with proper care.

brother printer fuser problems

The toner and its ink create the images we see on sheets, but the printer fuser is the most important component to any printing device. Can anyone help me with my trouble? I have an Olivetti printer and Olivetti fuser unit, accordingly The last time I used it, I noticed that it starts making loud sounds during printing. I guess that the problem is in the fuser.

Am I wrong? How do I check if my fuser is still working normally?Is your Brother HL leaving a crumpled stripe down the page? Does the toner smear easily? When you open the back of the printer do you see orange plastic chips? The fuser may need to be replaced. You can replace the fuser on your Brother HL easily with this tutorial….

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The fuser heats up to fuse the toner to the paper so they eventually wear out and this one is definitely done. Time for another repair…. Those two screws above hold two plastic pieces in place that 1. Remove the right plastic cover as seen here:. Carefully lift the two connectors up out of their sockets on the right side.

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There were a bunch of orange toner roller flakes inside the door of my printer. I vacuumed them out. Be careful as you can discharge static electricity from the vacuum hose onto the Printer electronics, so steer clear of the circuit boards where you disconnected the wiring:.

Reconnect the two right electrical connectors, the white one on the left and the red one on the right, as seen below:. Insert the right side. The end will be held in place by the plastic cover you will install in the next step. Reinstall the right fuser wiring cover. It will hold the right side of the roller bar in place. Replace the one screw as seen below:.

Connect your printer via USB:. Run the updater tool. Here are some screenshots from the process:. Once you are done updating your firmware your fuser replacement is complete! Great job, John. Your detailed instructions helped me successfully install a refurb fuser and salvage my printer. Many thanks! Mike M. Following this super detailed guide made my repair a breeze!The function of a fuser unit in a laser printer is to bake the powdered ink onto the paper. When the surface of the fuser is dirty or obstructed to the point that it cannot make contact with the surface of the paper, the ink remains powdery and smears with the lightest contact.

Cleaning the fuser unit, as with all printer maintenance, should be done with care to prevent damaging the delicate surfaces inside the printer. Turn the printer off and unplug it. The fuser generates a great deal of heat.

Brother Fuser Problems

Allow the printer to cool for at least one hour before attempting maintenance. There may be several on the printer, depending on the model. The more access you can get to the inner workings of the printer, the easier it will be to remove loose toner and debris. Remove the toner cartridge and any other user-removable units in the printer.

A toner vacuum has an extremely fine filter designed to capture the toner particles. Dampen a lint-free rag with isopropyl alcohol.

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Use at least 90 percent or reagent strength alcohol for this job. Rubbing alcohol is usually only around 60 percent alcohol and will not evaporate as quickly. It may also contain other ingredients that can leave a residue on the fuser surface. Wipe the surface of the fuser pad clean with the dampened rag. The surface of the fuser is made of a Teflon film that is easily damaged.

Use only light pressure when cleaning. Turn the printer on and print a test page. If problems persist even after the fuser is clean, it may be defective and need to be replaced. Finn McCuhil is a freelance writer based in Northern Michigan. He worked as a reporter and columnist in South Florida before becoming fascinated with computers.

After studying programming at University of South Florida, he spent more than 20 years heading up IT departments at three tier-one automotive suppliers. He now builds wooden boats in the north woods.

Printer Paper Stuck Around Roller. Share on Facebook. Step 1 Turn the printer off and unplug it. Step 3 Remove the toner cartridge and any other user-removable units in the printer. Step 5 Dampen a lint-free rag with isopropyl alcohol. Step 6 Wipe the surface of the fuser pad clean with the dampened rag. Step 7 Reassemble the printer and close the access panels.So apparently our HLDW we bought 11 months ago and only has 18k pages printed has a faulty fuser.

It seems the problem stems from the fuser and or sleeve not rotating at correct speed thus causing blurred print quality as well as frequent jams.

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To warranty it goes which I hate as I don't enjoy going through the annoying phone song and dance. Reading around the net there seems to be other people with fuser problems. I'm wondering if anyone has had problems with Brother fusers with other recent models and if there has been a design change to correct this? My older HL is at 94k pages and has unusable print quality now, makes me wonder if I should get it fixed instead of replacing it with a newer unit that may need fuser units all the time.

I just bought a MFCLDW, it's supposed to arrive tomorrow but I'm pretty sure I'm set on sending it back because I damn sure don't want to end up with a machine that needs a new fuser every year. I just warrantied a DCP-LDW at 20k pages after it started pumping out blank pages don't think that was fuser unit though. Not enough info Got a bit too general in my previous post. Well I called about the HLDW and it went pretty quick and smooth to get the replacement overnighted.

The thing got to the point where it would jam at the fuser on every page, it couldn't even get a page halfway out the door. At one point he asked if it looked like the printing was smudged downwards while i was dealing with our attempt to print user settings which jammedas soon as I said yes he just went right into the warranty replacement so this problem must be a regular thing to him with this unit at least lol. I was going to try and resurrect the HL but when i plugged it back in all it would do flash all LEDs a bad sign.

Game over for that one. Exact amount of pages as the previous unit. I wonder if there is a part for a fuser that doesn't suck. If there isn't, then may as well buy a different printer for the cost of a fuser which sucks. We have about a half dozen Brothers, all over the 50k mark without a problem. But we're using only genuine brother supplies. Brand of toner doesn't matter for this. Our clients libraries only use OEM and it makes no difference.

It is a known-issue with Brother switching their fuser design over to the film sleeves You can do a half-test to prove that the fuser is the culprit. Or just look for the downward-smudged printouts. Any text before the fuser will be crystal clear and obviously will smear with your hand. Any text after the fuser will be smudged-downward as it pulls through the fuser but at least it is affixed to the page. Again, this is well documented. We have units going on their 3rd fuser replacement all before k.

Supposedly they have ironed out the issues in the newer models. To their credit, Brother will usually goodwill a fuser replacement, though they no longer seem willing to send a tech out to you to do it.

One of our units was purchase that way and once we swapped the fuser and put in genuine supplies, it's been fine ever since. I work for a printer tech support company. It's been my experience that Brother has issues with a certain type of fuser used in printers such as MFC WHAT I have seen is that the fuser causes blurry imagine and paper jams.

What is a Printer Fuser?

The fuser film does not rotate the same rate the pressure roller does.A fuser unit plays an important role in printing and impacts your business in more ways than melting and compressing toner onto the paper. Logically, frequent printing makes the fuser unit prone to wear and tear. Proper maintenance, such as periodic cleaning and the replacement of assembly parts, is important to prevent print defects.


Ignoring maintenance issues or failing to replace the fuser kit can often lead to wasted supplies and energy. Most printers have alerts or error codes to warn users of an imminent fuser kit replacement.

The most obvious warning sign is an error code. Some error codes will cause the machine to completely come to a halt. Given that every manufacturer is different, users should refer to their operating manual to identify any error codes and their solutions.

There are three key items on a fuser assembly that tend to generate an error code:. Streaking, smudging, black lines, and double images are all symptoms of a bad fuser. When you notice these printing defects and experience problems, such as paper jams or wrinkles, this is a good sign to replace the fuser kit. Just like most mechanical devices, your printer requires periodic maintenance to ensure reliable performance and to reduce the risk of breakdown.

To ensure your company has a stock of quality fusers on-hand for your customers, contact Copylite today. Blind drop shipping available! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Symptoms of a Bad Fuser. Previous Next. View Larger Image. Warning Signs The most obvious warning sign is an error code.

There are three key items on a fuser assembly that tend to generate an error code: The lamp or heater element has gone bad The thermal fuse is bad The thermistor is bad Streaking, smudging, black lines, and double images are all symptoms of a bad fuser.

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